Key to maintaining long-term relationships
with your client

Sustain Long term Relationships

Sustain Long term Relationships

Retain customers and build a referral network by following their lifetime milestone events and sending gifts

Get the tasks done on the go

Get the tasks done on the go

Manage your contacts, reminders, plan visits using your smartphone any time at any place

Stay ahead of your work

Stay ahead of your work

Get all the important reminders in real time by simple push-notification to your mobile device

Replace your reactive habits

Replace your reactive habits

Forget about overwhelming desktop legacy CRM platforms. Enjoy the new proactive approach

Why Keyzz

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One of the largest issues in our business – is that although 80% of customers say at the point of sale that they would use the realtor again, the reality is only 11% of the 80% actually do. This is all because the realtor doesn’t keep up the relationship; which results in about 4 million buyers using a new agent every year.

It is a huge problem, as 80% of the new business comes from old business like referrals & retention; but the average real estate agent spends 80%, if not all of their time focusing on tasks relating to cold lead generation.

To solve this problem Keyzz applies the concept of building a long-term customer relationships by following their lifetime events and sending them gifts.

The Keyzz app allows agents to send gifts to their customers and sustain/maintain relationships through gifts. It is a kind of CRM which covers process from the moment of the first closed deal and helps retain customers and build a referral network.

The ideal is to strategically ‘touch’ your client’s lives enough where they will go out of their way to promote your business via word of mouth and social media shout-outs.


The process is simple and it works

Download the app and register your profile. Import your current and past clients. Shortly before closing, you will be reminded to purchase a closing gift with a push notification.

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