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App Updates

App updates can happen regularly, as almost as bi-weekly or monthly. We encourage all users to constantly refresh or check their app store for any updates. Most updates will include minor upgrades or bug fixes.

Other updates will happen without the app needing a physical update from the app store.


App Setup

Getting Started

1. How to download the App

The KEYZZ APP can be found in both APPLE and GOOGLE PLAY app stores. Open the app store and search “Keyzz” or “Keyzz – the agent app”.
Once populated, click on the app’s profile and you should find the description as well as the download button.
Once clicked, the app should download within a matter of seconds. Going forward, there will be various app updates and should check the app store routinely for any major updates that may occur in the app.

The app is available on several devices including Ipad, Iphone, and any Android device.

2. Accessing & Registering your profile

Once downloaded, there are two ways to register/signin into the app – through Facebook or phone number.

Facebook is the quicker way to do it, as the app will ask to sync to your Facebook account. In the matter of two clicks, the app will pull information like name, email, and phone
(if on your Facebook profile); and your profile will be registered. The additional step required is to input your office address (can be home office or work office,
this is required for when a closing gift or any gift you chose and want it to be delivered to your office and not to a client’s address).

The second method is via your phone number. The first screen will ask for your current phone number, then following screen will ask to create a password.
Once this is complete, you will need to enter your office name, title, and office address. Once complete, your profile will be registered.
You will be taken back to the login screen and asked for your number again, and then for the password that was created. Once re-entered, you will log in to the app.

3. How to Import your Contacts

You can import your past clients via 5 separate methods, including a bulk import from your current lead database. Remember, the Keyzz app is really not a place meant to store leads,
but active and past clients (the purpose of this is to make it easier on you by not clogging up your app client database with non-serious leads).
Initially when registering, you will be asked to import contacts and three methods will be offered

  • Phone Contact List
    A push notification will pop up and ask to connect with your current contact list. Select ‘Yes’ and then will be taken to your native contact list.
    Here you can choose between one, some, or all and then click ‘import’.

  • Outlook Contacts
    Clicking this will take you to an exterior Microsoft screen, where you will be asked to input your login name and password. By doing this correctly,
    you will have accessed your outlook contacts and can select one, some, or all and import into the app.

  • Google Contacts
    Clicking this will take you to an exterior Google screen, where you will be asked to input your login name and password. By doing this correctly, you will have accessed your google/gmail
    contacts and can select one, some, or all and import into the app.

By going with any of these options, once selecting you will be asked to sync with the app. Select yes and as long as your client is in one of those lists,
you can select and click import – with ability to select multiple or all at once to import. When working with a new client, click the side menu open and select
‘import clients’ to access this menu again. From here you can repeat the process via Outlook, Google, or Phone contacts to import the individual ‘active’ client.

Manual & Bulk Import

The other two ways to import clients, which you can access after the registration process, you can manually import a client by inputting their info,
this can be done via the top right button on your Client List screen.

The most convenient and practical method to import a large amount of past clients is a bulk import via a CVS file through the website.
To do this, go to your current contact database (CRM, Excel sheet, etc.) and export the list. See below to see what applicable columns apply.

  • What can be imported?
    First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Birthday, Closing Date, Closing Address, Notes, Status (Active, Pending, Closed)

  • How should I format my information?
    Your file can be a .csv file or .xls/.xlsx file.
    Please use the formatting found in the Lead Import Template to format your leads in the file you send to support.
    Once your file is ready to go, log back into the Keyzz App website and upload the file into your dashboard. This can also be emailed to
    Please note all import requests are processed and completed within 3-5 business days. At a minimum, we must have a name and email address to import a client. Please make sure to use the Lead Import Template to format your lead file otherwise we won’t be able to upload them for you.

4. Key Client Data

For the app to work correctly for you, there is key information that is asked for your clientele. This would be their Status, Closing Date, Closing Address, and Birthday. When importing your clients, there is a good chance this information will not import as well (unless doing the bulk import via CSV file).

Once your clients are imported, please take a few minutes to review their profiles. If this information is not there, we highly encourage to take the initial onboarding time to input it.

Primary Data:

  • Closing Date & Address: Without information like closing date or address, there will be no trigger to remind you when the closing is or the anniversary is. We feel this data is the most significant to include in your clients profile.
  • Birthday: If you store your client’s birthday into the app, you will be reminded of that event. If you do not know your client’s birthdays, we suggest adding them as friends on Facebook. Keyzz has the ability to pull your client’s birthdays from Facebook, as long as you allow the app to sync with your native calendar. In the follow up menu, there will be a pop-up asking you to sync. Accept yes, and from here (as long as you are friends with your client) Keyzz will pull all applicable birthdays and add them into your client’s profile.
  • Status: Status is important as it separates a current client vs. past client. Active status is associated with a green dot. Pending status (accepted offer but waiting to close) is a yellow dot. Closed status is orange. A pending and a closed status MUST have a closing date and closing address associated with them. Any gift sent to active or pending statuses will directed to your office. Any gift sent to a closed status, will be directed to their home-closed address; unless you choose to send to your office address. It is important to keep these addresses on file so when you purchase a gift down the line, it is sent seamlessly without the hassle of typing in an address.

Secondary Data:

  • Email & Phone: Not necessary for follow up purposes but may want to store it so all their info is in one place
  • Birthday: If you store your client’s birthday into the app, you will be reminded of that event. If you do not know your client’s birthdays, we suggest adding them as friends on Facebook. Keyzz has the ability to pull your client’s birthdays from Facebook, as long as you allow the app to sync with your native calendar. In the follow up menu, there will be a pop-up asking you to sync. Accept yes, and from here (as long as you are friends with your client) Keyzz will pull all applicable birthdays and add them into your client’s profile.
  • Notes: Any additional info you would like to leave on the client, for example Family info, Kids info, etc.

How it works

1. Client Concierge:

Now that Registration and the client database has been imported, the app will start to work for you.

During the course of the year, you will be notified 30 days in advance of a client or clients key events like closings, closing anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or any custom follow up of your choosing.

You will be reminded with a push notification directly to your phone referencing the said event. Swipe open the notification and will be brought to your Client Concierge which features a store where you can purchase a gift or postcard to be sent directly to your client’s closed address with a personal message from you. The purpose, of course, is to send them something to their door so you ‘touch’ their lives on key events.

Bulk Gifting:

Here you also have the ability to bulk gift, conviently with the same workflow but to multiple clients at once. For instance, if there are 5 closings within the next 30 days, you will receive one notification, but after going into the app and selecting a gift, you will be brought to the next screen where it will show the clients who have closings approaching. Here you can press the ‘Select All’ option or just select which clients you’d like to send a gift to.

Sending a gift in bulk to clients will save you time, which should result in making more money. Again, the whole purpose of using a system like this app is to do more with less time, which results in more sales.

Gift Messages:

The next screen will show you a review page of all the clients and their address. After reviewing, the next screen is the message screen, where you will see prewritten messages for said event, or have the ability to create your own custom message. Each message sent will be addressed by you.

Review, Purchase & Delivery:

Once you are satisified with the message, click next where you will see the purchase order and can click purchase. The order will be made here and then will receive an email with the order confirmation.

The gift will arrive one to two days prior to the date of the event. For events prior to the client having ‘Closed status’ (like Birthday or Closing), the gift will be sent to your office. Once the closing date and address are filled in, the status will change when the calender’s date passes the date of the closing. After this, any gift or postcard sent will go directly to their new closed address.

2. New/Active Client Workflow

The only time a new client should be added into the app is right after they are converted from a lead to a client, possibly in your current CRM. Once you are showing that lead homes, they are now an active client and should be added/imported into the app.

When working with an ‘Active’ client and an accepted offer is put together on the home, you will need to go into the app and change their status from ‘Active’ to ‘Pending’. The next step will be adding their ‘Closing Address’ and ‘Closing Date’ into the client’s profile.

From here, their workflow has now started and going forward the process will be automated. The next step is you will be reminded 30 days prior to their closing to purchase a closing gift and so on for any/all future events.

3. Trips Feature:

Trips Feature:

The Trips feature is here to help a Real Estate Professionals with their day-day by making automating one of the many pain points that are dealt with. Once a client asks to see X number of homes, you can add them into the Trips menu where it will then calculate which home should be shown in the geographical order, so you spend the least amount of time driving. You also have the ability to bring the app with you on your showings and have it navigate from one house to the other without having to type in any additional route addresses.


Client Concierge

In the Client Concierge, there are features like Featured Gift Category, Upcoming Events, Postcards in advance, and the individual gift categories.

Featured Gift Category:

This section features a specific category to choose from.

Upcoming Events:

When you are notified for an event and brought to the Client Concierge, this where you are brought to. By clicking the gift block here, you are brought to a separate menu associated with the clients you’re being reminded for. Once selecting a gift or postcard in this menu, the next screen you will see all clients associated with this event.

In this case, if you’re being notified for 5 birthdays, then it will show only the 5 clients here with birthdays in the next 30 days. You can select all, then choose a gift message or write your own custom message, and the gifts will get addressed and sent out to each client’s address in the same effort as if it was one.

Types of Events:

There are several types of events you can be reminded for:

  • Custom
  • Birthdays
  • Closing Anniversaries
  • Closings
  • Holidays
  • Seasonal

Gift Catagories:

  • Homegoods
  • Baskets
  • Sweets
  • Smart Devices
  • Personalized
  • Postcards

Custom events/reminders associated with a client can be created in the follow-up screen, which is found on the side menu.

As a user, you have the ability to select or deselect which holidays or seasonal events you would like to be notified for.

Postcards in Advance:

This is our Set & Forget feature. Instead of getting a reminder later in the year when the associated event nears, you can purchase postcard/s now to be sent at a much later date. For example, purchase a Thanksgiving card to in January to go out to your entire client database on Thanksgiving. This way, you are engaging your clients in the future without even thinking about it.

SRM (Sphere Relationship Management)

1. Contact Database

In this screen, you have the ability to see and manage your Sphere of Influence – your clients. You will see all your clients in alphabetical order and search for them in the search menu or use the scroll to the right side. Each client has a small circle to the left of it with different colors associated to each status (Green, Yellow, Orange, or Red). Green is for ‘Active’ status, Yellow is for ‘Pending’ status, Orange is for ‘Closed’ status, and Red is for ‘Archived Status

  • Active –Status used for only current clients that you are showing homes to, with no deal in place yet
  • Pending –Once a deal is put together, change the status from ‘active’ to ‘pending. Now input ‘Closing Address’ and ‘Closing Date’
  • Closed –The status will automatically switch to closed once the real-time date passes the closing date
  • Archived –If client moves away or no longer wish to send them gifts, you can archive them and reactive in the future if you chose.

2. Reminders

Within the app, there are three different types of notifications: Built-in, Pre-set, & Custom.

  • Built In –The app is built to automatically remind you on key events like Closings, Closing Anniversaries, and Birthdays. These events cannot be turned off but can be dismissed once reminded.
  • Pre-Set –The pre-set notifications are any or all Holiday events. As a user, you have the ability to turn all these off, turn some off, or leave all on.
  • Custom –Custom reminders/notifications will be found in the ‘Follow Up’ screen which can be found in the side menu. Here you can create your own custom notifications, for instance Call a client 3 months from the closing date.

Notification Frequency

For each event with associated reminders, you will receive one daily push notification. You can go into the app and purchase a gift or dismiss the reminder in the notification menu. If you choose not to do anything, you will be notified again the following day. As the event gets closer, about two week out, you will receive a new notification telling you to ‘hurry up’ as we’d like to make sure the gift that is ordered is delivered on time. Once the date is about 7 days out, a new message will appear reminding you again of the event, but this time saying time is up and there is no guarantee it will arrive on time.


Once on the ‘Trips’ screen, you will receive a push notification requesting to sync your location. Once you accept, you will notice the map locating your geo location. In the middle of the screen there is a button that says ‘Let’s create your Trip!’ Click this and a menu will appear asking you to ‘Add new point’.

Each point added represents the address of a home requested to show. For example, a client askes to see 8 homes on Saturday, May 15th. Type in all eight addresses in no specific order. For each address entered, the map inside of the app will locate it and suggest the location as you type. Once you select and confirm all eight address’s, you will be brought to the next screen to finalize your showing route.

In the next screen, it will request the ‘Title’ of the trip (which has to be entered – Ex. Johnson May 15). A title must be entered to create the trip. The next question will be ‘Date of showing’ and the ‘Start time’. Last question is ‘Time per showing’. There will be a scroll down associated with each to choose the options. It will also prefill your start location as your set office location in the app. If you are starting from a different location, click the address to change it.

Once info is complete, click ‘Create new Trip’.

Once a Trip is created, you will see a map of your showing route in geographical order. Below that there is a tab you can swipe open, and will see the order of addresses for your total trip. Each address will have information underneath like time ‘Visit Time’, ‘Visit Duration’, and ‘Trip’ – the time it takes to the next address.

At this point, you have the ability to do a few things:

Save Trip

The trip will be saved automatically so it can be accessed at a later date (assuming the showing date). The trip will be stored in the menu located to the top right of the Trips screen until the date of the showing.

Share Trip

Prior to the day of showings, the user can share the trip with a client by clicking the share button. This will allow a client to have the map/showing route prior to the showing, and ability for them to have an educated guess on when they will be a specific address (incase their mother, contractor, etc. would like to meet them at once specific address). On the day of the showing; you can also share & send the trip to a client (in case they are following you or having someone meet you at one specific house).

Start Trip

Getting back to the main Trip screen, once your showing trip is open and displayed in the bottom tab, there is a ‘Navigation’ button next to each trip. This is each leg of your trip saved which is synced with the app’s navigation. The navigation is built off Google Maps. Once starting your trip on the day of the showing, click the navigation button to tart the first route of your trip. Once the first showing is complete, go back into the app and click the following navigation button. This feature’s purpose is to save you time during showings so you are not hasseling with typing every address in and having client’s wait on you… to add, it is not always the best look when they think you do not know where to go; but claiming you are just focusing on saving them time while finding the best route, well that is another story.


When you are notified by a client’s event, you will be brought into the app to make a purchase to nurture them. For every notification regarding your client, the notification will be found in your ‘Notification’ Menu, which can be found in the bottom right tab of the KEYZZ app.

Turning off Notifications

By leaving the notification there, you will continued to be reminded each day for that associated event until it passes. By clicking the notification, it will go away and you will no longer be notified for the associated event (in the case you choose not to send a gift and do no longer want to be reminded).

Notification Settings

In your notification settings, top right button in the notification screen, you will see a list off all the different types of notifications, including types of events and different types of holidays. Here you have the ability to choose what events you would like to be notified for. The options are as follows: ‘Back to School’, ‘Birthday, ‘Christmas Day’, Closing Anniversary’, ‘Closing Deal’, Father’s Day’, ‘Hanukkah’, ‘Independence Day’, ‘Memorial Day’, ‘Mother’s Day’, ‘New Year’, ‘Start to Summer’, ‘Thanksgiving Day’, ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Veteran’s Day’,

Keyzz Basics

Side Menu

1. Import My Contacts

Here is where the user can go back to import contacts after the registration process. The workflow is the same, when opening the side menu and clicking ‘Import Contacts’, your brought back to the import screen where you have the option to import via Phone contact list, Google Contact list & Outlook Contact List

  • Phone Contact List –Once clicked, a pop up notification will appear where it will ask to sync with your phone. Once you select yes, it will sync and you can review and select which clients you would like to impor
  • Google Contact List –Clicking here will take you to a new window, where it will ask you to log into your Google Account. Type in your login name and password, and your database from here will integrate with the app. Once complete, you can review and select which clients you would like to import.
  • Outlook Contact List –Clicking here will take you to a new window, where it will ask you to log into your Microsoft Outlook Account. Type in your login name and password, and your database from here will integrate with the app. Once complete, you can review and select which clients you would like to import.

2. Follow – Ups

In this screen, you will see a daily & monthly calendar within the app. Any events that are upcoming will be displayed here on your KEYZZ calendar. In the top right, there is a button to add your own custom reminder.

Custom Reminder

Your custom reminder will feature an event and notification for said event. When clicking this tab, you will be taken to a menu where it asks for the following: ‘Subject’, ‘Event Date’, ‘Event Time’, ‘Remind before’, ‘Client’, and ‘Description. Outside of the subject and description, Each is a scroll to make things easier then typing. In the ‘Remind before’ scroll, you have the ability to choose how often you would like to be reminded for said event. When clicking ‘Client’, you will be brought to your client list where you can choose which client the event created is associated for. Once complete, save the event and will be stored in your KEYZZ Follow Up Calendar.

3. Purchase History

In this menu, you will have the ability to see the history of all purchases in chronological order based on date of purchase. As a user you have the ability to share this and send to yourself or your accountant for tax write-off purposes.

4. Settings

a) Profile Settings

The information enters when registering can be found here, in ‘Profile Settings’. Here is can be edited or completed. The field that are collected are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company Name
  • Title
  • Office Location
  • Phone Number
  • Email

b) Payment Cards

Here is where your credit card or cards are stored. You can add or remove at any point. The information collected will be card number, expiration date and csv number.

c) Logout

Location to logout of profile. If you do not log out, you will stay logged into the app so when next time you open it goes directly into your profile to jump the login step.

5. Rate App

Clicking here will take you out of the app and into the app’s description in the app store. We greatly appreciate any positive ranking and feedback for the app. If there ever is a complaint or concern, please contact us at and will do everything we can to help.

6. Help

Clicking here will take you to the website’s support page.

7. Invite Friends

To share the app with a friend, click this button, at the bottom of the side menu. Here you can share it in multiple ways, via text message, email, social media, etc.

How to generate leads

1. Retention

By nurturing your past relationships with clients and staying in their lives, they will more then likely buy and/or sell with you again. How you do it though is the important question. With KEYZZ, the automation of a reminders, connected with key event dates, connected to a gift store is the short and simple solution to do so.

KEYZZ offers a variety of ways to do this. A user has access to set their own ‘Follow Up Reminders’, Send individual or bulk gifts to their clients, or send seasonal postcards – or send them in advance.

Touching your client’s lives on these key events/dates will show thoughtfulness and appreciation which will eventually lead into more business for you in your pipeline.

2. Referrals

No additional work necessarily needs to be done between ‘Retention’ and ‘Referrals’. The process/workflow that will lead to retention will also simultaneously influence your past clientele to hopefully bring your business. Ideally they will not just buy and sell with you again, but mention you at that weekend dinner party after receiving a holiday card or Birthday gift. Ideally the have a friend in their lives that mentions the idea of selling or buying and they bring your name up as the best agent out there.

With the KEYZZ app, any effort or cost put in will have dual beneficial effect on getting both an additional sale from each account/client, but also several referrals over the years. Think of it as you have the tree planted, go nurture and shake the tree, and many more seeds will fall. Another good analogy is, when a deal is closed, you just opened an account (which really is the beginning of a relationship). Do not forget or neglect the account, but build it so they buy more from you, or bring you business by referring your name for thinking so highly of you.

3. Word of Mouth

The third way to build business with KEYZZ is to encourage your clients to promote your business. After you have sent a gift, and influenced your client to buy/sell with you again, influenced them to refer you customers, you will also influence them to promote your business to their sphere of influence.

When sending a gift for an Event like ‘Closing Anniversary’ there will be a gift message attached. In this case, the gift message will say “I hope all is well! I just wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary on the date you bought your home. If you have not, I encourage you to go onto Facebook and share our story – have a wonderful day!”

The key here is now, we hope the client goes onto their Facebook wall/newsfeed and gives you a shout out/testimonial so all their friends and family can see them talking you up. This way, ideally this will help you go ‘Viral’ and create stickiness for your social media profile – enhancing word of mouth marketing and your online exposure.

Automated Emails

There are several automated emails that will go to your email account. Unlike web-based CRMS, these emails are not system reminders or notifications. These are confirmation emails. During the course of the app, you will receive a Welcome email when registering; An Order Receipt email when a gift/s is purchased; and a Confirmation email when the order is shipped.


On our Website, or, you have the ability to learn more about the app, it’s features, history, Blogs, Press, Our Team, contact methods, and login to your Agent Profile.

Agent Profile

Once logged in, you have the ability to do a bulk import via CSV file and can see you order history for future records or tax purposes.

App Updates

App updates can happen regularly, as almost as bi-weekly or monthly. We encourage all users to constantly refresh or check their app store for any updates. Most updates will include minor upgrades or bug fixes.

Other updates will happen without the app needing a physical update from the app store.


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Keyzz Assistance


Contact us at to set up a screen share webinar where we can take you or your office through the app and answer any questions you might have.

Scripts & Strategies

1. Pre-written Messages

These messages are selected as the default message when sending a gift for the related event. We suggest using this or something like it when sending

2. Custom Messages

Just below the Pre-written default message is the option to create your own message. In this case, this may add a bit more of a personal touch and branding to the gift.

3. Message limits

The gift message and the postcard message each have their own limits to how many characters can be used. For Postcards, the limit is 120 characters; for Gift messages, the limit is 240 characters.

4. Stickiness – Promotion

We believe it is crucial to not only get your client’s to refer you or buy/sell with you again, but the most impactful way they can deliver and work for you is to provide a shout out/testimonial for you on their social media so they’re influencing their sphere all at once with the same amount of effort as one potential referral. It is very powerful and the fastest way to build your brand. See ‘Word of Mouth’ under ‘How to generate leads’ to read further.

5. Effective Frequency

Do not just send one gift once. You, the Real Estate Professional, are a brand – just like Pepsi. You need to get your brand’s awareness out time and time again, so instead of one commercial, you need dozens. It is all about imprinting your brand into your client’s minds. To do this, touch them throughout their life on key events like Birthdays, Holidays, and Closing Anniversaries.


Is there a cost to download the Keyzz app?

No cost at all. Keyzz is a free application to download in your mobile app store. There is no subscription or trial, therefore a user will not be asked to pay or upgrade during the use of the app. Any payment made within the app would be when purchasing a gift or postcard, at the user’s discretion.

Is Keyzz available in the Google Play store?

Yes, Keyzz is available in both Google Play and Apple Store

How much do the gifts cost in the Keyzz store?

The gifts vary between $10 and all the way up to $300. The average cost of gift would be around $50. We also do have postcards that are $1.20 per card.

Can I import my clients?

Yes, there are several ways to do so. The easiest would be through either your phone contacts, google contacts, or outlook contacts when first registering as a user. After, there is the ability to do a data dump through our website, or can input manually in the app.

Is the onboarding process extensive?

Not at all. An account will be up and running within minutes and there really is no learning curve. The only task an agent needs to remember is to enter the closing date for a client when a deal is put together. The rest will take care of itself.

What features does the App have besides the Client Concierge?

The app has a ‘set and forget’ feature, which allows a user to set up postcard mailings in advance. The app also features a ‘Trips’ feature, which is another value driven utility for an agent to have.


Each item in the store can very shipping times, but based on our algorithms all gifts, when ordered, are set to arrive a day or two prior to said event. Our goal is to have the gift or postcard always arrive shortly in advance or on time – keeping weather delays in mind. The quickest ship time would be around 3 days, while the longest would be closer to 7 once ordered. Our system is built to play it safe and urge the user to order the gift at least 7 days in advance. Remember, these items are set to be delivered a 1-2 days before the event (even if ordered 30 days prior).


1. Getting/Finding Past Client info

Client Name, Closing Date, Closing Address:

If you do not have your past client data stored, you can find this information in bulk from your MLS.

Each MLS format or style may differ, but the process should still be the same. To collect data from past sales stats, log into your MLS and ‘Single Family & Condo Search’ (If both are separate in MLS, just repeat the process for each category). Once in the search screen, deselect ‘active’ & now select ‘Sold’ or ‘Closed’. At this point, input the amount of years – in the search field – you wish to go back to. Once this is complete, wherever it asks for Sale/CoSale Agent ID(s): put your MLS ID in – click search. When populated, click the ‘select all’ option – make sure the ‘status/closing date’ & address columns are both there – if not add columns. Click ‘Status Date’ column to put sales in order from oldest to newest.

(Regarding the amount per page option, try to add as many as possible per the first page so this process is only done once – for example, the designated option is 25 items/lines per page, but I can change it to 500 per page – this way it all fits in the one export). Once all are selected, click export button. In the next screen, where it says ‘export file format’, click ‘Agent single line’ and then hit the export button.

Now the file is downloaded to excel, open the file up. Here you will find the applicable columns needed for the closing dates and closed addresses. To collect clients names from MLS, go back to MLS hot sheet of past sales and click tax card next to each to pull client full name. Copy and paste each name to ‘name’ column in excel sheet (next to applicable address

Copy and paste these into the CSV template and when ready import file into your user login page on the Keyzz website.

Client Birthday:

If not collected when signing up a client, Client birthdays can be easily found on Facebook. Outside of manually searching and finding this information, KEYZZ has the ability to seamlessly pull this data and integrate into your client profiles. (PLEASE NOTE: if client’s Facebook page has high security settings, their birthday may not sync with your calendar, and therefore will not sync with the app.)

It is a two-step process… First, you must be friends with your clients on Facebook already. Once you have done this, go to the ‘Follow up’ screen in the side menu and allow the app to sync with your calendar. Your calendar is connected to Facebook and will pull any applicable client info, like Birthdays, from Facebook and add to your profile.

2. Data Export

To export your data from the app, please email our support account at Please note all import requests are processed and completed within 3-5 business days.

How to Sync…

  • Facebook – Facebook can be synced when registering through the Facebook account
  • Phone contact list – Go to ‘Import Contacts’ screen, select ‘Contact List’ and a push notification will appear asking to sync phone contact list. Select ‘yes’ and the app will sync.
  • Google – Go to ‘Import Contacts’ screen, select ‘Gmail’ and will be brought to a screen to login to your Gmail account. Once logged in, it will sync.
  • Outlook – Go to ‘Import Contacts’ screen, select ‘Outlook’ and will be brought to a screen to login to your Gmail account. Once logged in, it will sync.
  • Naviation – When first registering, a pop up will appear asking to share your location, select ‘Allow’, and Keyzz will be able to pin point your location for it’s Trip feature.
  • Native calendar – Go to ‘Follow Up’ screen, and a push notification will appear asking to sync your calendar. Select ‘yes’ and the app will sync – this will pull all client birthdays from Facebook (must be friends with contacts on Facebook).
  • Reminders – Once registered, you will receive a pop up asking if it is okay to receive ‘Push Notifications’ select ‘Yes’ and will receive reminders going forward.

Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy

Terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the first screen when first downloading the app. To find these again after registering, just go to ‘Settings’, log out, and you will get back to the first screen – where you will find the ‘Terms & Conditions’ link or the ‘Privacy Policy’ Link.

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