Is there a cost to download the Keyzz app?

No cost at all. Keyzz is a free application to download in your mobile app store. There is no subscription or trial, therefore a user will not be asked to pay or upgrade during the use of the app. Any payment made within the app would be when purchasing a gift or postcard, at the user’s discretion.

Is Keyzz available in the Google Play store?

Yes, Keyzz is available in both Google Play and Apple Store

How much do the gifts cost in the Keyzz store?

The gifts vary between $10 and all the way up to $300. The average cost of gift would be around $50. We also do have postcards that are $1.20 per card.

Can I import my clients?

Yes, there are several ways to do so. The easiest would be through either your phone contacts, google contacts, or outlook contacts when first registering as a user. After, there is the ability to do a data dump through our website, or can input manually in the app.

Is the onboarding process extensive?

Not at all. An account will be up and running within minutes and there really is no learning curve. The only task an agent needs to remember is to enter the closing date for a client when a deal is put together. The rest will take care of itself.

What features does the App have besides the Client Concierge?

The app has a ‘set and forget’ feature, which allows a user to set up postcard mailings in advance. The app also features a ‘Trips’ feature, which is another value driven utility for an agent to have.