Don’t lose the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build

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Relationships are everything in this business. Find a successful Realtor who will tell you different. Joining your child’s PTA board, playing tennis with friends, golfing with clients, maintaining a presence in the community, staying relevant in your past clients lives – these are all ways to build the relationships that will build your business. Some of these activities sound fun, but that’s the reality of it.

It is networking & nurturing with your sphere, staying interested and involved in their lives so when someone they know (or themselves) needs to buy or sell, they look to you immediately. When I was a new agent in the business, I quickly learned that the number one reason someone chooses their realtor is it’s the first name they think of. Almost like the soft drink Pepsi or Coke. It all comes back to basic brand recognition.

Sometimes these relationships are easy to make and maintain, sometimes they are not. Many of your past clients most likely came from cold lead generation, whether it was meeting them at an open house, or buying an internet lead. Those relationships are cultivated very differently than the previous ones mentioned and most importantly they were much harder to get. Typically, a lot of time, money and energy goes into working dozens of leads to produce one client.

That one client hopefully ends up closing on a home and turns into one relationship made; but in most cases to get to a successful closing there is so much work behind it. Sometimes it takes holding our clients hand through the entire process, all the unexpected pain points that arise, for them to recognize how incredible you are at what you do and what you did for them. However when they get to the closing table with the keys in their hand they do… They love you. They are your biggest supporter at that moment and can be your biggest supporter well after it.

All this momentum leads both of you to this point and in result will happily leave you a testimonial. The key here is why stop the momentum. Just because the home is closed on isn’t a reason to let go and lose that momentum. After all, a lot of time money and energy was spent getting there. Stay engaged with your client well after the closing, touch their lives whether it is joining a group they’re in, asking them out for coffee, or following up with messages, gifts, cards, etc. on days like their birthdays, closing anniversaries or holidays.

I once asked an agent, what happens with her clients and her after they close, she responded ‘divorce’. She doesn’t intentionally ‘divorce’ her clients, but just refocuses on new business and unconsciously forgets the old.

Don’t ‘divorce’ your relationships, build off of them so they send you business and fill your pipeline for years to come.

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