What being a REALTOR® & Entrepreneur is all about.

Click the video below to see and hear about what it takes to be a full time Real Estate Professional. As a REALTOR and founder of the KEYZZ App, I discuss the importance of issues like accountability, time spent, and follow-up. This video is located on our KEYZZ Youtube channel as well, where you can…
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The Lifetime Value of a Client

It was only a week or so ago I was having this conversation where it almost felt like a lightning bolt struck me, or almost as if that generic light bulb went on above my head. I was in the middle of a work trip, traveling to Dallas Texas, for the Residential Real Estate Convention….
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keyzz time is money

What is more expensive, money spent or time lost?

Time is money. Plain and simple. How we spend our time will equate to how financially successful we are as agents. Driving around with buyers all day is great if they eventually buy, but the time spent in the car driving from house to house can probably be better spent at the office in other…
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lead generation

Lead generation and why you’re doing it wrong…

There are times when we all fall into the same trap. It’s not neglect, nor is it complacence, but just the honest, short sighted, drive of a Realtor to close more deals… Almost like running before you walk. As agents, we all go through this. Like most business’s, throughout the year there will be peaks…
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keyzz realtionships

Don’t lose the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build

Relationships are everything in this business. Find a successful Realtor who will tell you different. Joining your child’s PTA board, playing tennis with friends, golfing with clients, maintaining a presence in the community, staying relevant in your past clients lives – these are all ways to build the relationships that will build your business. Some…
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