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Our team understands the importance
of long-term relationships

Our philosophy

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The Keyzz team is a collection of Realtors and other business minded individuals who recognize and understand the importance of a long term relationship.

Also, how easy it can be to get complacent and neglect following up with past clients months-years after the closing. This is where the idea behind KEYZZ came into fruition, to build a mobile app that would seamlessly remind the realtor to engage with their past clients on key dates.

After going through a successful transaction, most clients love their agent and would refer them to every other buyer/seller they know… typically it doesn’t work like that as they usually do not know anyone looking to buy or sell at that time.

The purpose – stay engaged and relevant with these clients, build off the momentum of the transaction so when someone does drop into your client’s lives looking to buy or sell, they send them to you.


The team of realtors created
an application for realtors

Kyle Neumann

Founder – CEO

James Albis

Business Advisor

Cory Neumann

Partner – VP Sales

Chelsea Kaufman

VP Marketing

Tom Cieslinski

Accounts Manager

Our clients love us, and we love them.

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